WordPress Update – How does PHP 7 affect your existing WordPress Website?

PHP 7 is the most recent version of PHP after PHP 5 which was released a long time ago. PHP 7 has been built from the ground up and optimized in many ways make it better in terms of performance, speed and memory consumption. The special test conducted with WordPress and Drupal websites running on PHP 7 show a massive improvement in terms of speed and performance. The error handling and memory usage have been highly optimized as well.

Making sure your WordPress installation is ready for PHP 7

WordPress can be updated to the new version that has been optimized for PHP 7 and installed on a server running PHP 7. This way you get the most recent version of WordPress installed and can take advantage of all the new features. However, almost every WordPress website is likely to have several third-party plug-ins. Not all these plug-ins may compatible with PHP 7 hence it is a good idea to check prior to updating.

There are several methods of checking if the plug-ins you have installed will work correctly with the new WordPress version. This can either be done manually by a skilled PHP 7 developer or can be done with help of a WordPress Plug-in that is available as a free download. There is several such plugins available, one of them is ‘PHP Compatibility Checker’.

This plug-in can be installed from with-in WordPress or via FTP by first downloading it. This Plug-in can check if your website is compatible with PHP 7. However, it is important to note that it will check the currently active code and flow of the website. It the website does have other settings and features that are frequently activated, you cannot be sure they are compatible if they are not active.

WordPress Plug-ins compatible with PHP 7

There are several WordPress plug-ins which are compatible with PHP 7. Here are a few popular plug-ins that are compatible with WordPress. This is not the complete but covers many popular ones.

  • AdRotate – Premium, and Free
  • Akismet – Free
  • Awesome Shortcodes For Genesis – Free
  • Broken Link Checker – Free
  • Contact Form 7 – Free
  • CSSHero – Premium
  • Fanciest Author Box – Premium
  • Genesis Custom Footer – Free
  • Genesis Shortcodes – Free


WordPress Development at Ellipsis InfoTech

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