How Accurate is a Time Estimate Provide by Web Development Companies?

Web Development services are offered by a large number of software development companies across the world. Every such firm has a unique method of handling a project, either using a well-established technique or by experimenting something new. The basis of Website Development estimates, it is not easy to provide a time estimate for a web development project. However here are a few factors that can be considered when making the estimate.

How Accurate is a Time Estimate Provide by Web Development Companies?

  • It is easy to get overwhelmed with the size of a website to be developed and make a wrong estimate; hence this is one factor to look out for.
  • The estimate for a project should always have one main factor and that is the time it takes to complete the individual tasks and then the module itself.
  • It is necessary to consider other factors as well, however, make sure they do not cause you to make an error and lose focus of the main factors for creating the time estimate.
  • At times, additional research time, problem-solving and even unexpected server or network errors can end up causing big delays.
  • It is likely that other businesses have had bad experiences getting their websites developed as a Web Development company of their choosing.
  • However, there are several reasons for this to happen. It is possible to use several tools and techniques to make it easier to create the time estimate.

Factors that affect the estimate provided

  • The website developers are not familiar with the development tools that have been selected for the project.
  • The project, being developed has several sections that are not known and hence this may affect the overall estimate of the project.
  • There are often communication gaps between the project manager and the client which can make the project time estimate seem completely wrong.
  • In addition to which, miss-communication with-in the team, between the project manager and the website developers as team members, also lead to bad project estimates.
  • Issues also occur when the website developers have not been given the complete set of instructions.
  • Often using new development tools or programming languages cause an issue as well.

Steps to take to ensure correct project time estimates

  • Making a time estimate can often mean going out of the way and to think out of the box.
  • When making the time estimate it is necessary to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the team members.
  • All research work should ideally be completed prior to providing the estimate.
  • Providing a correct time estimate is not an easy task, however, at Ellipsis InfoTech we strive to get it right every time.

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