Developing a website with payment option is easier than you think

Web Development is not a new terms amongst the business community. Almost everyone has a website, be it a small start-up or experienced business. Many individuals also develop websites as blogs or informative websites.

The statistics generated online clearly display how many more people now use the Internet and trust spending online as well. Here are a few statistics and facts to support this claim.

1.) The total web sales via eCommerce in the year 2005 were $91 billion in the USA, which was an overall growth of 26%.

2.) In the year 2010, sales via eCommerce in USA were $168 Billion.

3.) By 2014, online sales had crossed the $300 billion for the first time. This time it meant a growth of 15.4%

The trend of online sales in the USA market displays a clear trend of what to expect in the future. The same has been reflected in markets across the globe, like China and India.

Website Design & Development – Integrate a Payment Gateway

It is useful to have a Payment Gateway on your website, this way it is possible make online transactions. Your website may not be an eCommerce website or a full-fledged shopping cart; however you may still need to install a payment gateway to accept payments, in case your website offers digital magazines or other digital products.

When it comes to picking a payment gateway, there are plenty of options depending on the type of transactions you plan to support. Here are a few popular types of transaction:

1.) Credit card transaction

2.) Debit card transaction

3.) Cash cards

4.) Online Wallets

5.) Net banking

The process of installing a payment gateway is quite simple: Select a payment gateway and register for an account. A majority of the payment gateways will have a test stage that can be enabled prior to going into production. It is a good idea to have a quick check of your web hosting to make sure they meet the requirements of the payment gateway. Every payment gateway will have their charges. These are likely to transactions, charges; however several payment gateways also have annual charges.

Depending on the payment gateway you choose, you can either allow customers to pay directly from your website, alternatively the payment gateway may force to redirect to their own page. Ellipsis InfoTech is a Website design & development company in India where you will have all the facts prior to making a choice of the payment gateway.

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