Inception of iCast

After putting some thoughts into what should be the first blog for your product I realized what could be better than introducing the product and writing down about ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of a product? So, here are some insights of why the software needed to be developed and some answers to other questions.

As mentioned in the introductory video, it’s clear that iCast is product that has been come out from the need of foundry industry, developed by foundrymen themselves. The product was initially started getting developed as custom IT project by the group of foundry people to cater their own need in the industry. Its basic purpose was to serve a few foundries which needed a data capturing system of their own at a lower cost. So, this group of foundry people hired IT guys to get the software of their need to be developed so that the cost could be distributed. There were other products out there developed by software developers but there were mainly two issues
(1) Lack of domain expertise and (2) High cost.

This software was initially developed as a web based product but eventually it turned out that users of foundry industry needed a product which should be relatively fast and can be customized as per their requirements. The identification of the need came as turning point and the IT guys who developed the product as a custom project now started to re-develop a robust, fast, scalable and customizable solution for foundries with the help of professional consultants under the company name Ellipsis Infotech. One of the founder of the Ellipsis Infotech is one of them foundry professional.

Why one needs a software in the organization at all?

A short and sweet answer would be – to capture data and convert it into information to take decisions. In today’s competitive business scenario industries has become information driven. Where does this information come from? How would you get to know your processes better? How could one make the organization solution driven? By keeping records at every level possible and utilizing them in decision making. Apart from this, advantages of employing software system or ERP are enormous-
1) It makes business processes standardized
2) Makes employees’ job easier and organization becomes system driven not person driven
3) Reduces repetitive work of record keeping at various level thus reducing working capital and saves time in day to day processes
4) Enhances productivity and responsiveness
5) Reports are available on a click, you can be saved from hours of data manipulation on excel to generate reports
6) Most importantly it gives the top management a clear picture of the organization

And the list goes on. In short, implementing softwares in your organization and automation of the whole data capturing and reporting process has become need of the day and if you have still haven’t done that, you are late.

So why iCast and not other softwares?

First of all, iCast is exclusively developed for foundries. It is not some pre developed generic ERP twisted as per the need of foundry industry. Statistics says that such softwares are not successful in the industry.
Also, it has been developed by foundry professionals & consultants under the guidance of several foundry men. Plus, iCast is designed in such way that it touches every department of your foundry.

So, the bottom line is implementing any software system is the need of the day and when it comes to foundry, iCast is the ERP solution.

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