GST Compliant Billing Format- Excel Program

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Hello everyone,

As we all know that GST has become a reality and has been implemented with a bang! Although we encourage and support GST Law there are still many confusions regarding the law as specially when it comes to different voucher formats. To make it simplified and understandable to users/business owners we have developed one Billing/Invoice Format using Microsoft Excel after consulting team of Tax Consultants.


(* This Sheet is macro enabled. To use this make macros enable.)

The intention is simple! To provide a standardized template which can also work as a small program for business users who do not possess or afford any kind of ERP/ Softwares.

Invoice Sample


You can download the excel by clicking on the link.

(* This Sheet is macro enabled. To use this make macros enable.)

Steps to create Invoice:

Enter Company Master Details in ‘Company Master‘ sheet

Company Master

Enter Customer/Supplier Detail in ‘Party Ledger

Party Ledger

Create Item Master in ‘Item Details’ Sheet

Item Master

Now You can create your Invoice. Go to ‘Invoice‘ and Select the Company from which you are providing service/supplying goods.

Select Company

Fill up the details required

Invoice Fill Details Itemwise Entry Other Details and Tax CalculationClick on SAVE button.

Go on and create multiple invoices. Invoice details will be saved in the sheet named ‘Invoice Register‘ as shown below.Invoice Register

If you want to make changes/modifications in the invoice, go to ‘Invoice’ sheet. Type in the exact Invoice No and click on VIEW button.

NOTE: Make sure you type in the exact ‘InvoiceNo’ as it is case sensitive.

Click on View to fetch details

Make modifications and click on SAVE button. If the Invoice No is already entered in the register, it will pop up the following message.

Inv exist Msg

After it is saved it will pop up the following message.

Invoice Saved MsgYou can print it on your company letterhead or can set company letterhead image as document header. To do so, go to insert>Header & Footer. Then click on picture under design tab and save the sheet. You are good to go.


(* This Sheet is macro enabled. To use this make macros enable.)


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