Opting for an open source solution for your ecommerce shopping cart

Opting for an open source solution for your ecommerce shopping cart

Open source software is software that can modify and even shared and accessed by all. Since the source code of open source software is available it is possible to modify it and enhance it and even customize it. Open source software is often mistaken to free software. Although there are many similarities between the two, open source software and free software are two different things.

Open Source softwares
Open source software is preferred by many since they are easy to configure and setup. Here is the list of some popular ecommerce open source software.
• Opencart
• PrestaShop
• Magento
• Zencart
• OS Commerce
• WooCommerce
• WP ecommerce

Benefits of using open source software – PrestaShop
There are many benefits of using open source software as listed here:
Reliability: Since an open source software can be enhanced by many and worked on by many to add new features; it is generally more reliable. With many people having access to the source code there are fewer changes of their to be any bugs.
Stability: With Open source software it is quite common for there to be daily builds. Such builds of the software are usually updated for changes in other dependent software or to increase the security and make it more stable.
Auditability: Many softwares claim to be able to have fancy features. But with an open source software it is possible for you to see for yourself at the source code level, how the feature has been implemented and that it is really present and does what is expected of it.
Cost: In terms of cost, open source software is usually available as a free download.

Benefits of using PrestaShop
PrestaShop is very popular ecommerce software that is the choice of many businesses. Here are some of the benefits of using PrestaShop:
• PrestaShop is an open source software
• It is being used in more than 150 countries and is available in 41 different languages.
• As per the recent data on usage, there are approximately 120,000 PrestaShop stores online.
• It is compatible with both Linux and Windows and used the MySQL database.
• PrestaShop has many in-built features and the features that are missing in the core are available via the plugins.
• It is easy to setup and configure the PrestaShop store, even with little to no programming knowledge.

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