eCommerce Trends to boost sales in 2017 – Summary

There is a lot to look forward to in terms of eCommerce in 2017 after a massive 8.7% increase in the year 2016 to take sales to $2 trillion.

Personalized Experience

It is likely that you have already enjoyed a personalized experience while visiting your favorite store or website online. In 2017 you can expect a greater level of personalization. With a more advanced level of machine learning the websites are able to capture the finer details of the customers, thus being able to deliver a highly personalized experience.

Analyzing the Data

As the competition grows with more number of Internet users trusting the online shopping platforms, it has become essential to integrate trackers at every stage. Trackers like Google Analytics and other third-party trackers are integrated at every stage to track visitors as well as a successful transaction or conversion. The data generated is thus analyzed and can be used in many ways, from maintaining the correct amount of inventory and stock to gaining the knowledge on what action to take to woo in more customers.

Social Media Effect

Social Media already plays a valuable role when it comes to marketing online. It is one of the fastest and easiest methods available. We are bound to see a higher level of integration between the social platforms including social websites, chatting platforms.

Other big and happening factors

Conversational Commerce is likely to take off in a big way in 2017 which could offer a big change from the traditional shopping cart experience. The Web Design trends in 2017 with are more focused on interactivity and micro animations. Besides which the Web Design using UX is likely to have a great impact on SEO and sales.

How Accurate is a Time Estimate Provide by Web Development Companies?

It is highly likely that the Web Designers may let their creative talent run wild to create eCommerce stores with more than a just simple grid of products. They are likely to test the consumer’s liking to showcasing the products in a fancier method. At the same time augmented reality is likely to be implementing in a more detailed method to bridge the gap between shopping up close and personal in a shop and doing it online.

The mobile platform is likely to get a larger boost, with better mobile eCommerce design. At the same time, a number of stores will integrate mobile payment gateways and make buying via mobiles devices easier.

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