Develop an ecommerce website optimised for Mobile platform with Magento

Develop an ecommerce website optimised for Mobile platform with Magento

Develop an ecommerce website optimised for Mobile platform with Magento

It is a must for almost every business to have an internet presence these days. It is also essential for a retail store to maintain their online ecommerce website. The number of internet users that readily use online transactions to make online purchases has raised manifold. In fact, the number of mobile users on the Internet has raised so high that now they exceed those from other platforms.

Developing ecommerce website for mobile platform

It is necessary for a retail business to have a mobile presence as well these days. Hence most of the ecommerce stores online make sure their websites are responsive so that they load equally well on the mobiles devices. However, there those who prefer special mobile apps to mobile websites. Such firms spend more time and effort in developing their mobile app. They often setup special offers and deals that are only available on the mobile apps to lure customers into using them.

That said the businesses are still feeling compelled to maintain their websites such that they cater for the mobile users as well. Here are some interesting facts that help understand the popularity of the mobile platform.

Statistics and Facts of mobile ecommerce

  • Approximately 50% of smartphone owners use their devices to make online purchase.
  • In 2012, 25% of all the Black Friday shopping was done via mobile devices.
  • 61% of the businesses have better rating if they have a good mobile presence.
  • 57% of the consumers will not recommend a business with a bad or non-existent mobile store.
  • Almost 41% of the consumers leave the ecommerce website after a bad mobile experience.
  • Amazon has recorded a sale of more than $1 Billion in a year exclusively from mobile devices.
  • PayPal mobile has recorded over $14 billion in mobile transactions in 2012.
  • 72% of tablet owners, user their devices to make purchases on a weekly basis.

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Hire Magento developer in India at Ellipsis InfoTech Firm

Magento can easily be configured and optimized for the mobile platform. You will normally have two options as far as the design and layout of your ecommerce website is concerned. You can either opt or a readymade template online or for a customized one specially designed. With a readymade template online you can have one for the normal website and a special theme for the mobile websites. This can be done by creating an exception in the Magento configuration.

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